Elvis’ Cadillac plan, pink of course!

Enroll in Part A (usually $0 per month), Part B (usually $174.70 per month), Part D prescription coverage (usually $35 per month) and a private Medigap/Medicare Supplement, most commonly lettered F, G, N (usually $140 to $290 per month, based on age, health, plan letter and carrier) with little to no deductible.  Your budget is fixed, worry-free, and the plans are guaranteed renewable for life.  The plans are accepted at specialty treatment centers, 99% of the doctors in the USA, and pick up right where Medicare leaves off.  Set it and forget it!

As you can see, Medicare insurance is like trying to avoid purchasing the “featured” meal at the fast food restaurant.  No matter how you try to slice it, you end up paying the “featured” meal price or more!

For any of these scenarios, we can sit down in person or on the phone and shop and compare details and pricing with all available plans in your area offered by all brands of carriers!